Veeam® Backup & Replication™ isn’t the only way to back up your virtual environment… but it is the best way. While many physical backup tools can now perform image-based backups of virtual machines (VMs), only Veeam fully leverages the virtual environment to reduce the cost and increase the value of backup—not just a little, but a lot. Built for Virtualization That’s why so many organizations have said, “Enough!” to the shortcomings of “single solution” backup, and moved to best-of-breed backup with Veeam. Whether you have thousands of VMs or just a handful, Veeam’s purpose-built backup is the best choice for your VMware, Hyper-V or mixed hypervisor environment. Powerful, Easy-to-Use and Affordable Veeam provides fundamental and far-reaching advantages over physical backup tools. Here are the top 10 advantages according to Veeam customers and partners:

It is Always Crucial to have A good Tested Backup of your Data

Yamabat offers a complete Disaster recovery plan for your server data and e-mails.

The solution that we propose is based on best practices and can cover a user environement from 5 to 100.000 clients.

Once the VEEAM Solution is in place we can configure a different product to Backup de backup on a external drive, share , Nas or other.

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