Service Providers VS Internal IT

Service Providers VS Internal IT’s – The S.M.A.R.T Enterprise IT Solution Working with an external service provider is the future of Information Technology

Today almost all companies have an internal IT, then as the company evolves the number of IT’s grow. And by going in that direction we all know that this grow comes with additional costs,

Not to mention that in case of an expert, a fortune needs to be paid. But what do you do if you need 10 experts?

This is where working with service providers comes in discussion, as sometimes you can hire an expert for a project. For a very good price, as these missions are usually for a few days.

Also, a service provider can offer you the IT equipment as a Rental (pc’s tablets, monitors, projectors, servers …), and all is renewed once the warranty is over. That way you will always have High-Tech Hardware and Premium Service. Not to mention that you will spare the hustle of trying to sell the old material for a very low price.

The provider will mostly offer maintenance and will do it’s best to keep you happy, as the customer is king.

For example, if you have bought your own Multifunctional printer and your internal IT doesn’t know how to fix it, you need to wait for the supplier to come over and have a look. That wait time can be hours or weeks, which can be frustrating.

In the case of a service provider, most of us have alerts set up on printers and as soon as we have an alert we send someone over to check/repair the issue. Mostly the customer does not even realize the printer had a problem.

Internal IT’s are the best solution for companies with over 500 assets (users & hardware), but even in that scenario, we all know that sometimes people simply decide not to do anything productive. And having the IT as an employee, at the end of the month you must pay him for doing not so much.

Statistically speaking customer satisfaction levels are higher when working with service providers.

I am a big fan of the internal IT System but having an army of specialists hired all year long for only a small number of important projects, does not seem to be cost efficient. But rather a stress-free work environment.

As we are also service providers we will always try to evolve and offer a better service, that way we get wiser and stronger.

Therefore, I personally encourage to make customized agreements, that way we always guarantee a great experience over the project.

If the customer is not happy with the project, it can become a problem and the customer can ask for a refund. His money is not lost.

In the case of an employee, once the monthly salary is paid, the equation is irreversible.