Migrating Exchange to Office 365

Why not be in trend and upgrade to office 365. As usual the customer requested a cost-efficient solution. This article will cover a small scenario in order to avoid long pages.

The whole step by step is very well documented and usually straight forward process.

However things can get out of hand, as in that story where the Project manager has many meetings with his customer ,about his new house to be built, but in the end the customer receives a Tree-House.

Usually this kind of misleading communication can be avoided by setting mile stones or using an Agile method.

Even if very simple some times people forget that in order to do anything towards the migration to Office365, you first need to have an account and pay a subscription. All the magic starts after that.

In regards to the Subscription there is no secret you have to analyse which one works better for you and make the most of it.

Once you have Office 365 set up ,you can customise a script like the following one, to do an export of your Mailboxes . Lets say they all start with “ICS” . Obviously split into groups and do not do all in one go.


Get-User | where { $_.Title -ilike " width="300" height="150"> -TargetMailbox "


Copy  the Mailboxes to an External HDD

Take care of the Azure AzCopy

From a Local Computer  run the usual CMD to upload the PST files to Office 365

Create a CSV file that will specify which Mailboxes will be imported

Create a Pst Import Job at  Data Governance and +New Import Job

After this you are ready to have a look on what you want to import and start the process.


In order to save some money you can create some Shared Mailboxes here and there, as they do not require a license.

Add Office 2016 via SCCM to all the impacted pc’s


The next morning, the only thing users need to do is type their Username & Password into the following window:

For large organisation and very large files, the solution is also quite easy to figure out and compared to the solutions we had back in 2005 , Office 365 makes life so easy .

As this product contains Lync and SharePoint at few clicks away , it brings people closer and take communication to a whole new level.

Think only by using Lync, how much you an save on phone calls, and how easy it is to have a face to face meeting even if one team is in  Antarctica and the other in Ecuador.