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Microsoft System Center is built on 3 Pillars:

-Empower Users

-Unify Infrastructure

-Simplify Administration


Installing SCCM can seem very easy, but before actually doing it, you need  to define a business case and scope for your project.

For this here are some basic questions that should arise at every beginning:

  • Does the SCCM environement need to have High Availability?
  • What kind of devices are you going to support?
  • Are there relationships between users and systems?
  • Do you deploy operating systems? If yes, where do you need to deploy them?
  • Will you need to use the Remote Management features of SCCM? If yes, for what devices?

Than we could ask some questions regarding the network :

  • Do Configuration Manager clients need to connect to the Configuration Manager site from
    the Internet?
  • Are you allowed to extend Active Directory with the Configuration Manager schema?
  • Describe your Active Directory organizational unit structure; where are your assets?
  • Describe your security demands. Does Configuration Manager need to be configured
    to support HTTP or HTTPS intranet connections or both? Is a public key infrastructure
  • Do you already use Windows Server Update Services in your environment? Can it be
    replaced by Configuration Manager 2012?

By asking many questions we can rely on our stron experience and help you take the best decision in regards to IT Infrastructures.

In short, we:

  •  make use of our large network and library of ressources.
  •  uses the Best Practices guides and applies Lessons Learned.
  • apply the Prince 2 Project Management Concepts and respect the need of a stong business case for every implemntation.

By following these simple principles we can offer you a cost effective design, high quality project management and support services .

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