Even a small company with 5 employees needs computers and printers.

At the same time all equipment’s need to be managed and maintained.This can represent a  relatively large cost if  they it need to be purchased and purchase costs plus support costs are most of the times non efficient nor low. Some start-ups dont even get to the point of starting as IT Material purchase costs can prove to be more than it can afford.

Not with us, we provide high quality IT Equipment rental from RJ45 network cables to fully equipped Data Center racks.

We take care of everything, you just need tell us what your needs are. We will propose a high end solution to an affordable price within 24H.

Once these assets get out of warranty we will propose to replace them with new products , that way they are supported for the first 3 years , maintenance is within reach and you can enjoy having the newest gadgets all the time.

In case you would like to terminate the contract , this can be done without any additional costs.

It is as simple as that.

We maintain and support all the products we rent during their life cycle.

The brands and Hardware we propose are :

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